Is there anyone who shouldn't have laser tattoo removal?

If you have a history of skin hyper-sensitivity, scarring (keloids), skin infections such as impetigo or are prone to cold sores (herpes) then laser treatment may not be advisable. People with darker skins are at more risk than those with lighter skins. So, if you have a tattoo on black skin then this can leave a noticeable light patch.

If you have a tanned appearance either from sun exposure or via sessions on a sunbed then you wont be considered for this treatment.

This is a highly effective form of treatment but it doesnt work for everyone. It cannot guarantee a complete removal of your tattoo and any remaining colours will fade over time. Make sure you do your homework and find a reputable clinic and one that can treat all types of tattoos, for example, medical tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, professional tattoos etc. Choose a clinic which offers Q-switched lasers as these tend to be most effective at removing unwanted tattoos.

If this not an option then other alternatives include a tattoo removal cream, surgical removal, dermabrasion tattoo removal, intense pulsed light therapy (IPL), cover-ups and tattoo erase.

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