About Vasectomy : A guide to Vasectomy

Here is where you can find out more about a vasectomy, how effective it is and whether you are a good candidate for surgery. A vasectomy is a relatively straightforward procedure but like any surgery, is not something to undertake lightly and does require careful consideration.

A major factor is that of failure rate. You will want to know how effective the procedure is and what the failure rate is. Yes, failure does happen but it is rare and only occurs in less than 1% of cases.

This is something you need to take into account.

This is covered in greater detail in our effectiveness of a vasectomy section. Vasectomy is available on the NHS – which is good news, but there are usually waiting lists for surgery. So you may prefer to be treated privately. If you have private health insurance then you should find that this is covered by your insurer but check with them first.

Find out more in our cost of a vasectomy and NHS or private sections.

Most men are suitable for vasectomy but what happens if you’re not? If this is the case then there will be a very good reason for it which your surgeon will explain to you. He/she will also suggest an alternative.

These are discussed further in our alternatives to a vasectomy section.

Brief history of vasectomy

You may be surprised to learn that vasectomy isn’t a new procedure. It was first performed at the end of the nineteenth century as a means of increasing the male sex drive and was further developed in the early 20th century as a treatment for an enlarged prostate. It was considered as a form of birth control in the 1940’s and 50’s but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that it became more widespread.

Today, vasectomy is a popular choice of procedure for men who desire a permanent form of birth control. It is both safe and effective and is a good option for couples who don’t want to start a family.

A vasectomy is known in popular terms as ‘the snip’.

Is it the right choice for me?

You need to be clear that this is what you or both of you want and for the right reasons. Once you have decided then it is usually for life although vasectomy reversal is an option. But in the vast majority of cases, once you have had a vasectomy then it is non-reversible.

So please make sure that a vasectomy is the right choice for you.

We can help you with that decision. This section of the guide contains information on what to think about before surgery and includes the following:

These are all aspects to consider before you arrange a consultation with the surgeon.

Visit each of these in turn before the section about the vasectomy procedure. Our aim is to provide you with enough information so that you are fully prepared when you visit your GP or private clinic.

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