The Day of your Vasectomy : A guide to Vasectomy

There are a few preparations you need to make before you arrive at the clinic. These include arranging a lift to and from the clinic or hospital, cleaning your testicles and the surrounding area and also shaving that area.

If you have a supportive bandage or a jockstrap then bring this with you as it can help to support the treated area whilst it heals. It is also a good idea to wear loose fitting trousers as anything tight fitting will constrict the groin area.

Wear tight fitting underwear after the procedure, for example Y-fronts rather than boxer shorts as they will support the treated area and help to reduce any discomfort.

For the procedure itself, you will be asked to undress from the waist downwards. It is normal to feel apprehensive or embarrassed about this but your groin area will be covered by surgical drapes before and after the surgery. The surgeon and medical staff will help you to maintain a sense of dignity where possible and will behave in a professional manner throughout.

Your vasectomy surgery will either be the conventional method or the newer ‘no scalpel’method.

Our vasectomy procedures section contains plenty of information about these and what it entails.

This surgery can be carried out as a ‘day case’which means that you are free to return home as soon as you are ready.

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