Vasectomy Surgery : A guide to Vasectomy

This main section of the guide deals with vasectomy surgery: what the procedure involves, the benefits and the risks, the recovery period and the results of the surgery. It also discusses the option of going abroad for surgery and what happens if you change your mind in the future.

This is a major area to cover so we have broken it down into manageable sections which will take you from the initial consultation with the surgeon, right through to the surgery itself and the aftercare.

Worried about surgery?

Many people are nervous at the thought of surgery and vasectomy is no different. It is normal to be worried about a procedure so we hope this information eases some of that worry.

A vasectomy is a minor operation which can be completed in 30 minutes or less and means that you are able to go home afterwards. It is a straightforward procedure with a high success rate which is ideal as a means of preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

It is usually performed under a local anaesthetic. A general anaesthetic is only given in a small minority of cases.

It is a far more reliable and less risky than female sterilisation.

This section includes the following:

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