Change of Mind after a Vasectomy : A guide to Vasectomy

What happens if you’ve had a vasectomy but are regretting this decision? What happens if you and your partner suddenly decide that you want to start a family? What happens if you had a vasectomy when you were married but have divorced and your new wife wants children?

It is possible to reverse a vasectomy but it is more complex than the original surgery and far less successful.

There is a better chance of success if you have a vasectomy reversal sooner rather than later.

Bear in mind that even if the surgeon is able to rejoin the vas deferens that it does not guarantee a pregnancy. This is why surgeons ask patients to be completely certain that they want a vasectomy before going ahead.

Another factor is that it is very rare to have a vasectomy reversal on the NHS. The likelihood is that you will have to pay for it to be done privately and it is expensive.

This is not meant to put you off; it is, instead, designed to make you think very carefully before considering that option. There are men who undergo a successful vasectomy reversal but this does depend upon a number of factors.

Vasectomy reversal is discussed in greater length in our accompanying guide: The Complete Guide to Vasectomy Reversal.

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