Vasectomy Reversal - Guide to vasectomy reversals

Are you thinking about a vasectomy reversal?

  • Have you had a vasectomy but have since changed your mind?
  • Do you and your partner now want children?
  • Are you in a new relationship and want to start a family?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then a vasectomy reversal may be the solution. This complete guide to vasectomy reversal surgery is here to help you with what can be a difficult decision to make. Vasectomy reversal surgery is not to be undertaken lightly and you need to be certain that this is the right choice for you. Vasectomy reversal surgery is carried out to undo the effects of a vasectomy. In other words, it rejoins the vas deferens tubes which had been cut during a vasectomy. This is discussed further in our about vasectomy reversals section.

Why choose to have a vasectomy reversal?

Those who choose to have a vasectomy reversal are not always in their late years, though this may be the presumption by many. Patients who choose to have the procedure can be anything from twenty-five up to fifty-five, but it is always down to individual circumstances and discretion. The most obvious reason is that people change their minds about having more children, but there are also cases where there is a sense of dissatisfaction after the initial vasectomy procedure. Whatever your reason for contemplating a vasectomy reversal, this guide will help you to answer any questions you may be having about the process and, if you choose to go ahead, enable you to undergo treatment with an informed judgment.

Making the right decision

If you are reading this then you are likely to have had a vasectomy in the past. Perhaps you came to the stage in your life where you did not want to have any more children, or, you did not want to have kids in the first place. Now, however, you may be considering a vasectomy reversal. This may be down to certain changes in your life that you did not anticipate at the time, perhaps a new partner who has given you a different outlook on having children for example. Vasectomy reversal, however, is something that should not be taken lightly. It is after all a type of surgery and it is essential that you research this procedure in order to understand what it involves, any potential risks and whether or not it is the right choice for you. This guide to vasectomy reversal will help you to answer such questions through an understanding approach, in order to give you the best chance of a successful procedure.

Success of Vasectomy reversals

Vasectomy reversal surgery is a complex and expensive procedure with no cast iron guarantee of success. It is more difficult to perform than a vasectomy and its effectiveness depends on several factors. These include:

  • The length of time between the original vasectomy and the vasectomy reversal
  • The type of technique used in your original vasectomy surgery
  • Your age
  • Your reproductive health

These and other related issues are discussed in greater detail in this guide.We do mention vasectomy surgery in this guide but if you are mainly interested in vasectomy and want to know more then visit our complete guide to vasectomy website which accompanies this site. This guide starts with a look at what a vasectomy reversal is, its effectiveness and whether you choose NHS or private treatment. If you are not suitable for this procedure or decide not to go ahead then there is a section on other options. This can all be found in our about vasectomy reversal section.The main section of this guide takes you through vasectomy reversal surgery step by step. This includes a look at the benefits and risks of this surgery, what to expect before surgery and the aftercare. There is also a section on going abroad for this surgery - if you are considering this option. This vasectomy reversal surgery section is arranged as follows:

If you have any questions about vasectomy reversals then answers to these or any others you may have can be found in our vasectomy reversal FAQs section. Medical jargon is used in this guide but is accompanied by a brief explanation. A complete list of medical terms used can be found in our glossary. Learn more about vasectomy reversals...

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