Vasectomy Reversal Surgery : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

This main part of the guide is all about the vasectomy reversal procedure. It takes you through this from the initial consultation with the surgeon through to the post-surgery semen tests and aftercare. It starts with a look at the benefits and risks of vasectomy reversal surgery followed by pre-surgery preparation. It then discusses the surgery itself, of which there are two methods, followed by the post-surgery or recovery section. It finishes with a look at semen testing which is carried out to see if your fertility has been restored and the option of going overseas for treatment. This section is divided as follows:

Any medical terminology used in this section is accompanied by a short explanation. Our glossary section contains a full list of medical terms used within this guide. There is the option of a second reversal operation if the first doesn’t work but with a lesser chance of success.

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