Going Abroad for a Vasectomy Reversal : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

If you are considering vasectomy reversal then one option is to go abroad for treatment. This is popular with many people who are attracted by the lower cost and the opportunity to combine this with a relaxing stay. This is even better if this is in an exotic location.The thought of paying less for surgery followed by a short break is very attractive but it has to be thought about carefully. When comparing the cost of surgery in another country with the UK, you need to consider the following:

  • Flight and accommodation
  • Aftercare
  • Complications
  • Additional extras

Go abroad for treatment is known as ‘medical tourism’and is a relatively new phenomenon. Many people prefer not to wait for surgery and rather than pay for private treatment in the UK, often find that they can pay less if they go abroad. We are all used to global travel and think nothing of hopping on a plane to go anywhere so doing this in respect of medical treatment is no different. Why wait when you can be treated straight away?However, this is not without its pitfalls. You need to think about the standard of care you will get, the expertise and experience of the surgeon, what happens if something goes wrong and the aftercare.You may be offered a ‘package’ which includes your flight and accommodation but if you need to return for further treatment then this will add to the costs. If you require further surgery –because the first reversal surgery hasn’t worked then there is the cost of arranging another flight and accommodation as well as the surgery itself. You may find that it works out more expensive than staying in the UK. Surgeons here are registered via the General Medical Council (GMC) and are professionally accredited. They are governed by strict rules and regulations which are universally recognised. If you choose an overseas surgeon then you need to ensure that he or she is of the same high standard. You want to know that he/she is equally accredited and has experience in this type of procedure. Make sure that he/she is ‘board certified’ and specialises in vasectomy reversal. Check that the clinic you are going to operates to high standards and care. Do the surgeon and his/her staff speak English? Can you contact him/her at any time? Is the clinic registered with a statutory body similar to the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC)?If something does go wrong then you may have to return to that clinic, or failing that, find a surgeon in the UK who will treat you.

Vasectomy reversal abroad: what to consider

Here are a few tips if you are thinking of going abroad for a vasectomy reversal:

  • Do your research: read up about clinics and their staff and check their accreditation. Talk to other people and ask their advice.
  • Make sure that your travel insurance covers medical treatment abroad. Many insurers do not cover this so you need to find one that does.
  • There is an increased risk of complications if you fly after surgery. Can you fly back to the UK straight after your surgery?
  • Think about the aftercare: what type of care does the clinic offer and what happens if anything goes wrong? Do you need to return to the clinic for follow up visits?
  • Can you speak the language of the country you wish to be treated in? If not then do the surgeon and staff speak English?
  • Does someone need to accompany you? If they do then do they pay for this or will you cover the cost?
  • What does the price include and not include?

Many people choose this option and are very happy with the results. Going abroad is an option but think through it carefully before making a decision.Do not rush into a decision because it looks like a ‘good deal’.

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