Why Vasectomy Reversal? : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

This section looks at your reasons for wanting a vasectomy reversal. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting this procedure and you need to ask yourself why you want surgery. Surgery is a major undertaking and there are risks as well as benefits to consider. Vasectomy reversal is safe but no surgery is 100% safe and there are side effects and complications with this as with any procedure.

Reasons for vasectomy reversal

There are several reasons for wanting this surgery which include:

  • A change of mind after a vasectomy: this is the main reason for a vasectomy reversal. Many men decide that they now want to start a family and undergo surgery to restore their ability to do so. Another reason is if the man has entered into a new relationship and his partner wants children.
  • To ease post-vasectomy pain syndrome: this condition can occur after a vasectomy and is characterised by a dull ache in the testicles. Painkillers and/or antibiotics can help but in some cases, surgery is needed.
  • Wanting to have the same sex life as before their vasectomy: there are men who claim that their vasectomy had a detrimental effect on their sex life. They state that they don’t ‘feel’ the same as before and want their lovemaking to be the same as it was before their vasectomy.

Make sure that this is something that both of you want. If you feel under pressure to undergo a vasectomy reversal or conversely, you want a reversal but your partner doesn’t than please reconsider. It is important that both of you realise what it entails and the fact that it might not work. Sadly, you can spend a great deal of time and money only to find that you are still sterile. There is a real risk of this happening so you need to be clear about this. You will find that surgeons prefer that both of you have agreed to surgery and are fully aware of what it involves. They will advise you to talk to a counsellor before undergoing surgery so that you understand what the surgery can and cannot do.

Will a vasectomy reversal restore my fertility?

Your reasons for surgery are important but there is one overriding factor in all of this: will it work? This is the one question that many men ask themselves but unfortunately there is no easy answer. Much depends upon the type of vasectomy procedure you had and how long ago you had it; yours and your partner’s reproductive health and your age. Find out more about this in our effectiveness of vasectomy reversal section.

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