Vasectomy Reversal and Sperm Count : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

Once you have undergone a vasectomy reversal you will want to know if this has been successful and if you are now considered to be fertile. A semen test will be carried out to determine this. Sperm do not reappear in semen overnight. It can take several months for this to happen especially if you have undergone a vasoepididymostomy. You will wait for about 3 months after surgery before undergoing this test. If it comes back negative – no sperm present in your semen - then you will be advised to undergo this test on a monthly basis.However, if this is still the case 18 months later and you still have no sperm in your semen then your vasectomy reversal has failed.If this happens then your surgeon will talk to you about having a second vasectomy reversal. If this is not appropriate then there is the option of IVF treatment. If it is successful then what you do need to consider is your sperm count. Your sperm count will be lower than before surgery and the sperm you have may be less mobile and of poor quality. This can increase the risk of a birth defect in the baby. Vasectomy reversal will not affect your sex drive or your ability to sustain an erection. If you experience any problems then this may be psychological rather than physical. If so then speak to your GP who may refer you for counselling.

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