A list of the more commonly used terms in vasectomy reversal surgery.


AdhesionA build up of scar tissue which is caused by the combination of two tissue surfaces. AnalysisA detailed look or investigation of something.Antibodies Proteins produced by the body’s immune system as a response to an antigen. Their role is to destroy that antigen. Azospermia A complete absence of sperm in the semen.


Bilateral This refers to both sides of the body.

C Castration

The name given to the removal of the testicles.Conception The moment when an egg and sperm combine which results in a pregnancy.


Deep vein thrombosis A condition in which a blood clot develops in a vein (usually the lower half of your body). This causes pain and swelling and can be fatal if left untreated.DuctA channel or tube.


Ejaculation The moment of climax during sexual intercourse in which semen is released.Ejaculatory fluid Another name for semen. Epididymis A coiled tube within the testes which transports sperm to the vas deferens.


Fertility The ability to bear a child.

G Granuloma

A collection of cells which forms into a solid mass. A sperm granuloma is caused by a leakage of sperm during a vasectomy which forms a lump. This occurs at the point where the vas deferens were cut and sealed.


Haematoma Another name for bleeding within the tissues.Hydrocele A condition in which fluid builds up around a testicle.


In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)

A process in which sperm and an egg are fertilised outside of the woman’s body. The resultant embryos are then implanted back into the woman (in her womb) with the aim of achieving a normal pregnancy.

J None at present.

K None at present.


LibidoAnother name for the sex drive.


None at present.

N None at present.


Orchiectomy The surgical operation to remove a testicle.OrchitisAn inflammation of the testes.Ovum (plural ova) The name given to a single egg or eggs of the woman.


Post-vasectomy pain syndrome A condition in which the patient experiences a dull ache in the testicles and scrotum after a vasectomy.


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None at present.

S Semen

Another name for ejaculatory fluid. This fluid contains sperm and is released during sexual climax. SpermMale reproductive cells. Spermatic cord A slim structure that joins the testes to the body.


Testes Male reproductive organs.

U Urethra

A slim tube which runs from the penis to the outside of the body which transports semen and urine.


Vasectomy A procedure in which a surgeon cuts and ties the vas deferens, which prevents sperm from entering the ejaculatory fluid. This results in sterility in the male. Vas deferens The tube which transports sperm from the testes to the urethra. Vasoepididymostomy A form of vasectomy reversal in which the surgeon connects the vas deferens to the epididymis. Vasovasostomy A standard vasectomy reversal procedure in which the surgeon rejoins the vas deferens which had previously been cut in a vasectomy.


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