NHS or Private Clinic? : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

A big difference between this surgery and a vasectomy is that it is very difficult to have a vasectomy reversal on the NHS. They do not usually pay for treatment which is not a ‘medical essential’: in other words, something which is done for ‘lifestyle reasons’ rather than a genuine need. It is a good idea to check with your own GP to see if your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) will fund this type of surgery. If they do then you will have to join what will probably be a very long waiting list.If not then your only other choice is to ‘go private’. This means paying for surgery and it isn’t cheap.

Cost of a vasectomy reversal

This can be as much as £3,000 and that doesn’t always include the cost of the initial consultation with the surgeon and the follow up semen test.A private clinic will give you a quote for a vasectomy reversal which should include a breakdown of that price. This will enable you to see what you are and are not paying for. Bear in mind that if anything goes wrong and you need further surgery then you will have to pay extra or this. This may be included in the initial quote but check with the clinic to see if this is the case. The cost of a procedure will depend upon the clinic, the location and the skill and expertise of the surgeon.

Loans for vasectomy reversal

Another way of paying for your surgery is to take out a loan. Many people do this to pay for cosmetic surgery and approach either their bank or an insurance company which specialises in medical loans. As with any loan, your credit rating, lifestyle and income level will be taken into account. Interest rates for personal loans are competitive although they may be higher for a specialist loan such as this.Some private clinics run their own finance scheme in which you can apply for a loan to pay for your treatment. If they do then compare this with other loans to see if this is a better option than a personal loan via your bank and building society. If you don’t want to take out a loan then it is a case of paying for surgery via savings or some other financial means. Many people choose to go abroad for treatment as it is often cheaper than the UK but you need to factor in the cost of your flight and accommodation. In some cases this does not work out any cheaper than staying in the UK.This is discussed in more detail in our going abroad for a vasectomy reversal section.

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