About Vasectomy Reversal : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

If you want to know what a vasectomy reversal is then have a look through this section. About vasectomy reversal is the ‘pre-surgery’ bit of the guide in that it discusses what the procedure is, how effective it is, the cost of surgery, your reasons for this surgery and alternatives to surgery.

What is a vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy reversal is surgery performed to undo the effects of a previous vasectomy. It reconnects the vas deferens tubes which had been cut previously and removes any obstructions. The aim is to restore male fertility. It is seen as a preferable option for fertility as compared to IVF treatment.

What to consider

Basically, this section looks at things for you to consider before making a decision on whether to have surgery or not. It is the same with any form of surgery: there are factors to take into account before you sign a consent form and these need to be explored before doing so. Surgery is a big deal and vasectomy reversal will change your life so you need to be absolutely certain that this is what you want. If you are married or in a relationship then it helps if both of you are in agreement about a vasectomy reversal. There is no legal requirement for both of you to agree to the surgery but it is better if both of you are happy to do so. You need to consider the reason for wanting this surgery, your age and state of health, the cost and what you will do if the procedure doesn’t work.

Length of time between a vasectomy and vasectomy reversal

A major factor in all of this is the length of time between a vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. If you had your vasectomy 5 years ago (or less) then there is a greater chance of success from a vasectomy reversal. But the likelihood of a successful reversal decreases as time goes on. So, if you had your vasectomy 10 years ago or more than there is less chance of success from a vasectomy reversal. Unfortunately, this surgery doesn’t work for everyone and there is no guarantee that it will restore your fertility. So please be aware that this is a risk and is something you need to consider beforehand.

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