After your Vasectomy Reversal : A guide to Vasectomy Reversal

You will need a few hours rest after surgery to recover from the effects of a general anaesthetic. Once the anaesthetic wears off you may experience some pain and discomfort but you will be given painkillers to deal with that.It is a good idea to change into your supportive underwear or wear a special bandage as this will aid with healing. Also change into a pair of loose fitting trousers. If you have had a vasoepididymostomy then the surgeon may have left small surgical drains (fine tubes) in your scrotum which drain off any excess fluid and blood. This means an overnight stay in the clinic or hospital. If this isn’t the case than you will be allowed to go home once you have fully recovered from the anaesthetic and are able to pass urine. You will be given advice on caring for your operation wound and bathing/showering in general. You will also be given a follow up appointment. Ensure that someone is able to drive you home. You may find it helpful to sit on a cushion or something soft to prevent any unnecessary pressure on the treated area.

Recovery at home

Once you arrive home you are then into the recovery phase. This means resting for the first days after your surgery and not over-exerting yourself. Take time off from work and allow yourself time to heal. A general anaesthetic affects your concentration levels, memory and co-ordination for 48 hours afterwards so avoid doing anything which requires you to call upon these. Do not drink alcohol, drive or sign any legal documents. Your surgeon will have given you aftercare instructions. These include what medications you can take, an appointment for the removal of stitches/clips (if applicable) and contact details in case of an emergency.If you have had dissolvable stitches then these will disappear after a couple of weeks. If you had surgical clips then these will have to be removed a fortnight after surgery. If you experience pain or discomfort then you can take over the counter medicines such as paracetamol but check with your surgeon or pharmacist.Continue to wear tight fitting underwear for a few days after surgery. Avoid getting the treated area wet if taking a bath or shower and keep it dry at all times. If you play sport then avoid this for the first week although some gentle exercise such as walking is fine. You can then ease back into your exercise routine over the next few weeks. If you lift weights then take care at first until the area has completely healed. You should be able to return to work a week after your surgery. If you work in an office then you will be able to resume your duties as normal. If you have a physical job then you may need to switch to lighter duties until you are completely recovered.

What if something goes wrong?

Complications are rare but if you notice anything untoward such as an infection, bleeding or a build up of fluid in your scrotum then contact your surgeon. Do not hesitate to do this. You will have been given an emergency contact number by the clinic or hospital so call if you need to. You can return to having sex whenever you feel comfortable to do so but it is best to wait for a couple of weeks until you have fully healed.

Checking your fertility

You will have to undergo a semen test, usually 3 months after surgery, to see if your semen contains sperm. If it does then it means that the surgery has been a success and you are fertile again. This does not guarantee a pregnancy but it does mean that you and your partner have a chance of starting a family. This test will be carried out every month until your semen shows signs of sperm. It will also determine your level of fertility.

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