Costs of laser eye Surgery and prices

The cost of laser eye surgery will depend on a number of different factors including:

1. the type of laser eye surgery procedure that you have e.g. Wavefront LASIK eye surgery costs more than standard LASIK. Intralase is more expensive than standard LASIK.

2. Laser eye surgery prices may vary depending on the location of the clinic. Some clinics have higher running costs and expenses and a laser eye surgery clinic located in an area where the rent is high may need to charge more to cover their costs.

3. Experience of the laser eye surgeon - a more experienced surgeon may have higher fees than one who has less experience.

4. The extent of your condition - the cost of your laser eye treatment may be more if your correction is more complicated or you require more time or resources to correct your vision. Correcting long-sightedness is usually more expensive than correcting short-sightedness and correcting the vision of patients that require reading glasses is more expensive still.

When deciding on a clinic to have laser eye surgery there are many different factors to consider, although you may shop around checking laser eye surgery prices at different clinics it is important to ensure that you fully research the clinic where you are considering the treatment. After all you cannot put a price on your eyes.

Below is a guide to approximate prices for the different laser eye surgery technologies:




Costs (per eye)

Initial consultation

Many clinics offer this for free although you might be asked to pay a deposit against the full cost of your surgery.

A deposit can be around £30 or more


From £800 to £1,000 or more


From £800 to £1,000 or more

Wavefront LASIK

From £1,000 to £2,000

Wavefront LASIK
(with Intralase)

£1,500 to £2,000 or more

Wavefront LASEK

From £1,000 to £2,000


From £500


From £500


£700 or more

Phakic IOL






Cataract Surgery

From £1,000 to £1,300 or more


Most laser eye clinics offer payment plans and finance plans to help spread the costs of your laser eye surgery treatments. Some even offer 0% finance.

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