Can Marriage Breakup Cause Hair Loss for Women? -7495

September 28th, 2011
Can Marriage Breakup Cause Hair Loss for Women? -7495

It seems so, according to researchers at the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine.

Scientists believe that while a woman’s genetic makeup is the prime cause for hair loss, marital split comes very high up on the list of reasons, charting at number 2. This may seem rather strange at first, but stress can often be a pre-curser for hair loss, so it is understandable that a broken marriage can be as stressful as redundancy or bankruptcy.

Marriage splits are not the only factor in women’s hair loss though and researchers found a number of other reasons. For instance, women who smoked were putting themselves at risk and the risk was also higher for women with diabetes.

Interestingly, however, the scientists also suggest that women who were either overweight or obese were at a lower risk of losing their hair.

In men there was a statistically significant risk of losing hair through heavy drinking and smoking.

Overall, the researchers said that women who are happily married, used sun protection and drank coffee were at a lower risk of hair loss. Men on the other hand who exercised outside a lot were putting themselves at risk of too much sun exposure, another factor believed to be connected with hair loss.

The overall conclusion of this research points to one important factor. The reasons for loss of hair while many and varied are also different for men and women.

That said stress for both sexes is the prime cause whatever the circumstances.

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