Going to Extreme Lengths for Cosmetic Surgery -8193

September 8th, 2014
Going to Extreme Lengths for Cosmetic Surgery -8193

The recent tragic episode involving a little boy and his parents in a disagreement with the medical profession demonstrates how far people will go for medical treatment when the need arises.

However, in another case, a boyfriend went to extreme measures to help fund cosmetic surgery for his girlfriend.

A worker for the well-known Subway sandwich chain took to stealing money from his employer in order to help pay for a breast enlargement for his girlfriend.

However, it didn’t start out that way. Initially, the man was hard pressed to pay an electricity bill, so stole a small amount of money to pay it.

But when his girlfriend found out, she blackmailed him into stealing more money to help her get surgery.

It took Subway bosses over a year to realise that the employee was stealing money. It was only when takings plummeted that they began an investigation.

The investigation revealed that the employee stole upwards of around £4,000.

CCTV showed that the man pocketed the money from the cash register 8 times.

Defending the individual, his lawyer suggested that the man’s girlfriend used him for her own purposes. She used the fact that the man was besotted with her and was prepared to go to any lengths to help her.

The lawyer described the woman as a “piece of work”, without any thought for her boyfriend at any stage.

The young man did try to break it off when he realised the foolishness of his behaviour, but according to the lawyer he was by then caught in a trap.

To make matters worse, his girlfriend broke off the relationship when she had achieved her aim.

Admitting theft, the man was spared a prison sentence, but was ordered to pay back £3,000 to his former employer.



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