Indian Cosmetic Surgery Gets A Boost-2602

September 30th, 2013
Indian Cosmetic Surgery Gets A Boost-2602

Indian cosmetic surgery got an unexpected boost recently when the Rupee was devalued.

It seems that while devaluation of a currency can affect many things, and not for the better either, in this case medical tourism has just got cheaper.

Last year around 1 million people went to India for treatment. This is set to rise this year, but it is also likely to rise even further than expected because of the devaluation of the Rupee.

Cosmetic surgeons in the UK generally warn people about travelling abroad to get treatment. Although what is on offer can appear to be appealing, especially if the cost is within your budget, going abroad for treatment may not always be the best option.

There have been many cases of incompetence, even in Europe and, where the regulations are quite tightly controlled.

And while no one is suggesting that Indian doctors are not competent, the risks of travelling to a foreign land may outweigh the perceived benefits.

As such, it is always advisable to carry out proper research before contemplating going abroad for treatment.


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