Laser Tattoo Removal On The Increase-0768

March 27th, 2014
Laser Tattoo Removal On The Increase-0768

Getting a getting tattoo has in recent years become ever more popular. However what perhaps many people are not aware of is that although tattoos can be removed they often leave a mess behind.

But this is changing.

It seems that laser technology is now advanced enough to help remove unwanted tattoos, safely and cleanly.

The way it works is that the laser breaks down the ink pigment into very small particles. The latter are then absorbed into the blood stream, eventually being expelled from the body.

At the moment, getting rid of an unwanted tattoo, individuals often undergo quite a painful procedure whereby the painting is effectively burned off the skin. This, however, leaves a scar which in some cases can be quite painful.

If the tattoo covers a large area of skin or is displayed on a more sensitive part of the body, further cosmetic or plastic surgery may be need.

Not only is this inconvenient it can be financially expensive.

The new laser treatment is not that widely used at the moment, and it likely that it can only be used by qualified cosmetic surgeons. It is a treatment that is growing in popularity in the USA.

According to one Los Angeles based surgery, the numbers of people asking for laser treatment to remove their tattoo has grown by around 4,200 between 2011 and 2013 to 45,000.

The question to be asked though is why are requests for tattoo removal growing at such a pace given the huge increase in the popularity of tattoos in the first place?

According to Dr. Simon Ourian, Medical Director of Epione Medical Corporation many people have a tattoo of a loved one painted on their skin. When the relationship breaks down they no longer feel it appropriate to put this on display.

Other reasons are that young people are more likely to get a tattoo. As they mature, the tattoo may become embarrassing.

However the great news is what was once perceived as permanent skin art can now be removed safely and relatively painlessly.

It may however be currently a very expensive option.


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