Midland Solicitors Expanding Its Services-9875

April 18th, 2011
Midland Solicitors Expanding Its Services-9875

A local solicitors firm in the Black Country has decided to expand its services by offering better advice etc on personal injury and medical negligence claims. In order to do this they have taken on board 2 new solicitors.

The personal injury lawyer is now a qualified member of the Law Society personal injury panel after working five years for the Midland’s company. She becomes part of a 7 member team looking into personal injury claims.

Another member of the firm also joins the expanding team who are responsible for dealing with medical negligence claims.

Both personal injury and medical negligence is a growing phenomenon in the UK now. Some suggest it is likely to get worse, so it is no surprise that the Midland’s law firm is expanding what it offers.

In the US dealing with medical negligence is a bit different. While the NHS will deal collectively with any potential claims by patients, health care professionals can be sued as individuals. This covers a wide range, and is not just restricted to doctors and nurses. Other ancillary professionals such as osteopaths and chiropodists can be legally held responsible for anything that goes wrong. This has led to moves to restrict payouts as well as trying to get medical professionals to take more responsibility in how they deal with patients’ concerns.

In the US there is also something called the Statute of Limitations which severely restricts the length of time that any claim can be pursued. This can run from around 2 years to 7 years depending on circumstances.

If the case is taken to court, it is generally either lost or won on whether a jury believes one side’s witnesses more than the other. Procedures a little different in Britain

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