Stem cell treatment used in Cosmetic Therapy-9989

July 27th, 2012
Stem cell treatment used in Cosmetic Therapy-9989

While stem cell research is for many people a step too far, nevertheless it is being found useful in many medical treatments including it seems, plastic surgery.

One of the advances that stem cell research has helped to achieve is the development of non invasive techniques. For example, a recent innovation is Adivive Fat Transfer (AFT) which is apparently used for facial and breast surgery.

Basically, AFT involves re-using excess fat found on the body by grafting it onto those parts which are being treated. The procedure also involves using a kit or device called Adivive or Lipokit. This collects the excess fat then filters the much needed cellular components. Until now a lot of excess fat has been wasted resulting in adequate but still less than perfect cosmetic results. By using the Adivive, surgeons are able to do what is needed with much less fat. The device also helps ensure the chances of survival of the cell components.

Where would this excess fat come from?

Many people, women in particular will lose weight in particular areas of their body which in turn creates fatty tissue which may have to be surgically removed. If this fat is retrieved it could potentially be used for AFT treatment.

Speaking about treatments using stem cells, one cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lewis Obi told reporters: “These unique technological advances are continuing to rapidly evolve at our clinic.”

AFT is not the only treatment to use stem cells as the base for plastic surgery. Another therapy carried out no fewer than 450 times so far by Dr. Obi is called SlimLipo Laser liposuction; it effectively replaces traditional methods of liposuction.

Stem cell research maybe controversial, but no one can deny the benefits appear to be outweighing any issues.


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