US Comedy Star to get More Plastic Surgery -0707

January 30th, 2012
US Comedy Star to get More Plastic Surgery -0707

Joan Rivers, the well known American comedienne, is reported to be having more cosmetic surgery during her 78th year.

If the rumours are true, then it is reckoned this will be here 734th operation.

Unlike many show business stars, Joan Rivers has never shied away at either getting work done or admitting to having had worked done. For some actors and show business people (women in particular), like asking a lady’s age, it is often considered taboo to mention.

When interviewed, Joan told the reporter: “It’s time for maybe a 10,000 mile tune-up on my neck.”

However, her daughter Melissa and other friends and co-workers felt that perhaps this latest operation is one too many and they did apparently try to talk Ms Rivers out of it, but to no avail. They felt that at 78, it could be dangerous, but Joan Rivers is known to be an independent minded woman and wanted the work done for her forthcoming show entitled Joan & Melissa – Joan Knows Best?

Interestingly, Joan also offered to pay for her daughter and others to get cosmetic surgery work carried out on them.

“My body is my temple,” Joan said, “and my temple needs redecorating.”

Will this be the past procedure? Probably not.


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