After the Gastric Balloon the procedure

Once this has been inserted then the next step is to get used to the balloon. Having this balloon means that you can only tolerate smaller portions of food and you will feel fuller more quickly.

Everyone is different when it comes to adjusting to the balloon: some people do get used to it a lot easier than others. You may find that for the first few days afterwards you have cramps, bloating, nausea and even vomiting but this only because your stomach is getting used to the balloon. After a few days this will settle down.

You will be able to drink water (but only small sips) for the first few hours after the procedure. You can then have liquids such as fruit juices (low sugar) and thin soups for the next 3 days. This can then be followed by semi-solids and finally ‘normal’, solid food. Your dietician will be able to advise you further about this.

Try to avoid any unnecessary physical activity until after a week has passed. Once you have become used to the balloon you can then increase your activity levels.

This balloon forms part of a comprehensive aftercare plan which involves discussing sensible food options with you, arranging an exercise routine and monitoring your progress via regular follow up sessions.

After 6 months the balloon will have to be removed.

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