Preparing for a Gastric Balloon procedure

This is a non-invasive procedure which means you do not have to stay in hospital or have a general anaesthetic. You will be able to discuss this procedure beforehand with an experienced team who will fully explain what will happen. They will also be able to explain about the aftercare service.

It is important to note that this only a temporary measure: the balloon only stays in for a maximum of 6 months. It is a short term measure in which you have to agree to a long term healthy living plan. This means diet, exercise and an overall change of behaviour. Failure to do so will result in weight being regained.

If the balloon is not successful or weight is regained then you may have to consider a surgical option.

If you can make changes to your lifestyle before the procedure then that will get you used to the series of follow up sessions. This means trying to lose some weight and embarking on an exercise routine. Your support team (which will be comprised of a wide range of medical staff) will be able to advise you. There may also be a patients support group whereby you can talk to others who have undergone this procedure.

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