Am I suitable for a smile makeover?

This will be decided during the consultation between you and your cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will assess your oral health in order to obtain an overall impression as well as checking for any problems, such as a misaligned ‘bite’ (occlusion).

This is also where you can discuss your expectations of this process; such as what is about your smile that you want to change, and how would you like it look. It is important that both of you understand what is that you want from this process.

If your dentist does find any problems then these will have to be treated before the actual smile makeover procedure. Depending on the extent of these, this can range from a single tooth implant through to a major reconstruction.

These will be performed first before moving onto the cosmetic aspects such as teeth whitening or composite bonding.

If you have broken, crooked or chipped teeth; unsightly gaps, stained or discoloured teeth; a gummy smile or simply dislike your smile then a smile makeover could be for you.

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