Paying for penis enlargement surgery : Penis enlargement

A very important issue is that of cost: how much does penis enlargement surgery cost and is it available on the NHS?

Costs of penis enlargement surgery

Any form of surgery isn’t cheap and this is no exception. The costs range from between £1,000 to as much as £5,000 or more.

The procedure for lengthening the penis is more expensive than that for increasing the width (girth).

As a rough guide you are looking at paying the following:

  • Penis lengthening: £3,500 to £5,000
  • Penis widening (increasing the width): £1,000 to £2,500 or more
  • Combined surgery (lengthening and widening): £5,000 or more

It can be cheaper to have the combined procedure rather than both individual procedures.

Is penis enlargement available on the NHS?

This procedure isn’t usually covered by the NHS unless there are exceptional circumstances. If there is a clear medical need then it may be considered but in general, you are unlikely to receive this surgery on the NHS.

It is worth speaking to your GP as he/she can offer more advice in this area. If he/she feels that you have a case for NHS funding then he/she will refer you to a surgeon.

You will have to pay for this surgery at a private clinic which means finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

This is discussed further in our finding a surgeon section. The cost of this surgery will vary between clinics and is determined by a range of factors which include:

  • Location of the clinic (e.g. town or city)
  • The surgeon’s reputation and experience
  • Clinic facilities: the more luxurious the surroundings the higher the price.
  • Postcode: prices will be higher in London than in other parts of the UK
  • Aftercare: costs of medication etc

If price is an issue then you can consider going abroad for surgery. This is known as ‘medical tourism’ and has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Many people choose to be treated in another country due to the fact that the fees are cheaper than in the UK plus the chance of combining their surgery with a short holiday.

This is not without its dangers though so you need to weigh up the pros and cons of doing so.

Find out more about this option in our going abroad for penis enlargement surgery section.

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