Penis enlargement surgery : Penis enlargement

If you are unhappy at the size of your penis then there are two options open to you:

  • Penis enlargement surgery
  • Non-surgical options

This guide focuses upon penis enlargement surgery but does discuss alternatives such as hormone therapy.

This section of the guide talks about penis enlargement surgery, also known as ‘penis augmentation’, ‘penoplasty’ or ‘phalloplasty’.

The desire to have a bigger penis isn’t a new one and since time began, men have looked for ways to increase the size of their penis. But many men feel embarrassed at doing so and a combination of their sensitivity plus a less than mature attitude from other people only makes things worse.

The thought of telling your partner or friends that you are thinking about a penis enlargement can be an excruciating one. There is nothing worse than someone adopting a childish or less than sympathetic attitude to what is a serious issue.

A step by step approach to surgery

Any form of surgery is a major undertaking and it requires a great deal of consideration beforehand. You need to think about who will be performing the surgery, how much it will cost and what the outcome will be.

This section of the guide covers that and much more. It is presented in a series of logical steps – from thinking about surgery through to whether you are suitable, finding a clinic, the surgical procedure and afterwards.

Many people choose to go abroad for surgery citing reasons such as lower cost and a pleasant location. It is often seen as a chance to have the surgery in a nice location and combine this with a short holiday. This is an increasingly popular option but is not without risks so you do need to think about this very carefully.

This is covered in greater detail in our going abroad for penis enlargement surgery section.

Another major issue is that of cost. Penis enlargement surgery is usually considered to be a ‘lifestyle’ surgery or along the same lines as any other form of cosmetic surgery. This means that it is unlikely to be covered by the NHS.

So, you will have to find a private clinic and pay for this surgery.

Find out more in our paying for penis enlargement surgery section.

The importance of finding a reputable surgeon

Another thing to consider is who will be performing the operation. It is vitally important that you find an experienced and reputable surgeon to undertake this surgery. This means doing your homework and taking the time to find a good clinic and a highly qualified surgeon. Surgery is not a trivial undertaking and you need to be aware of what can go wrong as well as the obvious benefits.

A highly competent surgeon will discuss these with you and will allow you time to think things through before making a decision.

We can help you with that in our finding a surgeon section. This section includes advice on finding a clinic as well as a suggested list of questions to ask the surgeon.

If you decide to go ahead with surgery then you will want to know what to expect; how to prepare for surgery; what will happen on the day and the recovery period. This is all covered in this section.

There are two penis enlargement procedures: one increases the length of the penis whereas the other increases the width (girth). Your surgeon will discuss with you which he/she feels is the suitable procedure for you and why. It can be the case that a patient is suitable for both procedures which are performed in the same operation.

In other words, your penis will be lengthened and widened at the same time.

Which gives a better result? Increasing the length of your penis or choosing to increase the width? There are advantages and disadvantages with both procedures and these will be discussed with you in the initial consultation. Every man is different when it comes to the results of these procedures and some men will achieve a better result then others.

But before you think about the outcome you need to start with thinking about why you want penis enlargement surgery and whether you are suitable for this procedure.

Brief history of penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery started out as a treatment for men who have an abnormally small penis due to accident, injury or a congenital defect.

It is only in the late 1980’s that this procedure was performed as a form of cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the penis. Since then it has become an increasingly popular procedure for men.

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