What to consider? : Penis enlargement

Any form of surgery is a major undertaking and penis enlargement is no different. Bearing that in mind you do need to consider a few things before making a decision which include:

  • Your reasons for wanting this surgery
  • Your physical health
  • Your emotional state of health

Reasons for wanting penis enlargement surgery

It is important to be absolutely clear about why you want penis enlargement surgery. This is not meant to put you off or to belittle your reasons for surgery; rather it is meant to make you aware of the risks in doing so.

Surgery is very safe and advances in medical science mean that new techniques are being developed all the time. However, nothing in life is 100% safe and that includes surgery. There is a very small risk with this surgery as there is with any surgical procedure and it is something to bear in mind.

What is equally important is that of having a realistic set of expectations. It is easy to assume that this surgery will work wonders and give you the result you want but that isn’t always the case. Many men are happy with the results but there are others who are not so please be aware of this.

But if the procedure is performed by a highly qualified and reputable surgeon and you follow all the pre-operative and post-operative advice then there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. It can give a good result but be realistic about the outcome.

Physical health

Your general health is important and will be taken into account by the surgeon. He or she will ask you your age, your medical history and your lifestyle.

If you are overweight then losing weight can make your penis look bigger. Men who are overweight may have a roll of fat around the groin area which can hide the penis. Very overweight or obese men will find that they have rolls of fat which prevent them from seeing their penis.

The fitter and healthier you are the better this is for surgery.

Emotional health

This is very important. If your health is good and you are emotionally stable then you will be considered for surgery. Your surgeon will understand about emotional distress caused by this problem but if he/she feels that this is a serious psychological issue then he/she may recommend counselling instead.

Your penis may be a normal size but if this doesn’t reassure you or remove any anxiety and nothing else works then surgery may be your best option.

Are you a suitable candidate for surgery?

This is something which can only be decided at the consultation between you and the surgeon. He or she will take many factors into account before deciding whether or not to operate.

If you are refused then it will be for a very good reason. The surgeon will be acting out of your best interests only and will only proceed with surgery if he/she feels that it is the best option for you. If there is the slightest chance that it could endanger your health or you could suffer an adverse affect then he/she is unlikely to operate.

Another consideration apart from the physical and mental issues is that of cost. That is discussed in more detail in the next section.

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