One of the great things about our hair is its versatility. We can style it in so many different ways as a means of defining our personality or making a statement. Your hair is usually the first thing people notice about you, especially when they meet you for the first time so it’s important for it to look its best.

Short crops, perms, highlights, spikes, tints, curls, colours, braids…….the list goes on and on. These styles result in great looking hair but overuse of them can cause problems.

This is discussed in greater detail in both our Male Hair Loss and Female Hair Loss sections.

We know that there are styles such as tight ponytails or braiding which aggravate hair problems, for example thinning hair. These styles involve the hair being tied or pulled back tightly which places undue stress on the follicles. And this stress leads to weakened hair which is then prone to falling out.

But what about styling your hair in order to protect it? This may sound strange but there are hairstyles which can maintain the condition of your hair and protect it against further damage.

Hairstyles which protect your hair

One such example is short hair. A short cut or crop is a popular look for many people are it requires relatively little maintenance. And it places less stress on the roots of your hair compared to long hair. Long hair is heavier and this stresses the roots more, which increases the risk of it falling out.

If you have long hair and are worried about thinning or falling out then consider a short style.

But if you want to keep your long hair then consider having it layered as this will reduce the pressure on the roots, especially the top layer. This will ensure the longevity of your hair and looks great into the bargain.

Think about loose or relaxed types of styles. This means switching from tight or severe styles such as a bun, cornrows or a ponytail to ones which don’t constrict your hair. If you have one of these types of styles and notice that your hair has started to thin then tying or pulling it too tightly could be the cause of this.

Clips, hairbands, bobbles and hats can also cause the same problem. Basically, avoid anything which puts undue pressure on your hair.

You can minimise this problem by changing styles on a regular basis, tying your hair loosely with a ‘scrunchie’ or wearing a light hat. Another option is to use a gel or mousse to hold your hair but choose one which is kind to your hair. Avoid overuse of these products as they can build up in your hair and weaken its structure.

Whatever style you choose, look for one which enables you to conceal your hair problem but allows you to have the look that you want.

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