Scalp Care

Most of this guide is dedicated to your hair but your scalp is as equally as important. Having problems with your hair or even losing your hair isn’t pleasant but neither are problems with your scalp.

So caring for your scalp is important even more so than your hair is it is at greater risk of damage. For instance, if you are going bald then your exposed areas of your scalp are open to all sorts of problems.

Why is this?

The main reason for this is that the skin on your scalp is thinner than other areas which make it more vulnerable to illness or other forms of damage.

And you may find that your hair conveniently hid any problem with your scalp but is now visible due to thinning hair or hair loss. So, if you suffer from a dry, flaky scalp, skin rashes or moles then these will become noticeable to others.

Problems with your scalp might be responsible for your hair loss but this isn’t always the case. Either way the best way of dealing with this is to follow a scalp care routine in much the same way as a hair care routine.

Daily scalp care

The first step is to ensure that your scalp contains the right amount of oils to stay moist and healthy. It can be easy to think that frequent washing will help but this can have the opposite effect as it removes these oils which affect its natural defences.

Too much washing causes a dry, flaky scalp which is more commonly known as dandruff. This takes the form of white flakes which can be seen on the head or even as far down as the shoulders. If you suffer from dandruff then use a specially formulated shampoo and a moisturising cream. This cream will help to nourish the scalp and restore it to its natural condition.

A good cream to try is E45. This is available over the counter at your local chemist and can be applied just before you go to bed. This uninterrupted period of time will enable it to effectively nourish your scalp.
Apply a conditioner each time you wash your hair. Rub it in and leave it for 4 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off. This will also protect your scalp.

If you are prone to a rash on your scalp each time you wash or shower then apply an oil or cream to your scalp. This will soothe any itching or soreness caused by the rash.

But avoid applying oil if it is a hot, sunny day as this will increase your risk of sunburn. And sunburn on that part of the head is especially painful!

Scalp care and the sun

Excessive exposure to the sun not only causes sunburn but also increases your risk of skin cancer. We are all warned about the dangers of sunbathing and how we need to wear a high sun protection factor (SPF) sun cream to protect our skins against this. But, don’t forget that the scalp is as equally at risk.

One way of protecting against this is to apply a sunblock onto your scalp or wear a hat. And this is even more important if you are completely bald!

If you do end up with sunburn then apply a moisturiser as this will take the heat and soreness away and minimise any damage.

It’s a good idea to check your scalp on a regular basis for signs of sun damage, especially if you have any moles there. This is exactly the same if you have moles on other parts of your body as these can become cancerous if left unchecked. If you notice that your moles have increased in size, have changed colour or there is a discharge from them then see your GP.

This doesn’t automatically mean that you have skin cancer but it is wise to get them checked in order to rule out this possibility.

Scalp care and cold weather

The main risk here of that of dryness or even hypothermia from exposure to cold weather. Make sure that you wear a hat in cold temperatures and use a moisturising cream to further protect your scalp.

Your scalp is more prone to infection in cold weather but the application of an antibiotic cream such as Savlon can treat any mild infection.

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