Hair Structure - Causes of hair damage

The most common causes of damaged hair are:

  • Excessive brushing: using a hard brush and brushing hair violently or when wet can damage it.
  • Chemicals: chlorine from swimming pools, bleach, hair dyes and other salon treatments can damage the structure of your hair.
  • Sun/heat exposure: exposure to the sun or excessive use of hairdryers and/or hair straighteners can dry out and damage hair.
  • Poor diet: an unhealthy diet or a state of dehydration can affect the function of the hair follicles which disrupts hair growth.
  • Disease or illness: there are several diseases or illnesses which can damage hair structure or cause thinning of the hair strands.
  • Medication: certain medications especially those used in chemotherapy treatment damage hair structure and ultimately lead to hair loss.
  • Male pattern baldness: a genetic condition in which changes within the male hormones or androgens damage the hair follicles which prevents them from producing more hair.

Following a good hair care routine can mitigate against some of these but if you do notice that you are losing an excessive amount of hair then seek medical attention.

Hair Structure Guide

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