Exercise and children

When we talk about exercise and children we are by no means talking about an intensive aerobics class, but by encouraging your child to partake in subtle exercise like walking or dancing you can help them lead a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of exercise for children are extensive, but simply put:

  • Children who are more active are less susceptible to becoming ill as exercise promotes a healthy heart and body.
  • Children can let off steam when exercising as even children can become stressed.
  • Exercise can help your child to maintain a healthy weight to ensure they are less susceptible to becoming overweight.
  • Exercise has mental benefits for your child such as leaving them feeling more positive.
  • Exercise can often leave your child tired by the end of the day and this will help them to get a better sleep. Your child may be less likely to wake up in the middle of the night if they have been active during the day

What type of exercise can my children do?

  • Taking a walk
  • Playing sports such as football, cricket or merely kicking a ball around at the park
  • Dancing to your child’s favourite music
  • Swimming is a fun activity for children but water safety should be adhered to

Try asking your child what activities they like or taking your child to an activity centre. This will help them to unwind and give them plenty of exercise. Exercise is as beneficial to children as it is to adults and can help promote a happy and healthy child.

Caring for your child:

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