Ear Infections

Many babies experience ear infections and it can often be a painful and stressful experience watching your baby cry. Your baby might start to tug at their ears or have other symptoms such as a runny nose or cough which could bring on an ear infection. If you suspect that your child may have an ear infection you could visit the doctor who will most likely prescribe you with Amoxicillin, which is an antibiotic which helps to combat the germs. 

What will happen if I leave the ear infection untreated?

Often an ear infection will not go away on its own and they often need to be treated with medical assistance in the form of medication. If your baby’s ear infection is left untreated it could result in a flood of the ear canal and therefore it is important that a doctor is consulted if your baby has an ear infection.    

What can I do to prevent an ear infection?

Breastfeeding your child helps to prevent ear infections and giving your baby regular feeds can significantly help. Making sure that family members who smoke do not smoke in front of your baby can reduce the risk of ear infections. No illness can be protected from 100%, however precautions can be made so that your baby is not susceptible to becoming ill.

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