Tips for mums with fussy eaters

If your baby is fussy mealtimes can become a bit stressful; here are some tips for dealing with fussy eaters:

  • Praise and reward your baby when eat well and try new foods
  • Encourage your baby to touch their food and feed themselves
  • Eat with your baby and incorporate them in family mealtimes
  • Don’t get angry when your baby doesn’t eat; if they are not hungry or show no interest, try them again later

Try to encourage your baby to try a range of foods from an early age; this gets them used to trying new tastes and textures and reduces the likelihood of them being fussy eaters in later life. If you are having troubles getting your child to eat healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, try to disguise them by blending them with other foods that your child does like or try to make the plate of food look exciting and fun; make faces out of pieces of fruit, for example.

Weaning and Moving onto Solid Foods:

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