What is the Intra-Ocular Lens procedure?

This is an outpatient procedure so need for a stay in hospital. You will be asked to avoid food and drink on the day of your surgery and not to wear any make up.

You will be given a sedative followed by local anaesthetic eye drops to help numb the area.

The surgeon will clean the area around the eye and will place sterile coverings around it and your head. He/she will then use an ultrasonic instrument which breaks up the cataract. The cataract deposits are then suctioned out of the eye.

Once he/she has done this, he/she will then insert a plastic IOL into the eye. You will have a choice between the single vision IOL or the multifocal IOL. This plastic lens is ‘folded up’ when inserted but will naturally unfurl itself once in place.

Note: if you are aged 40 or over then the multifocal IOL may be the best option as this can correct presbyopia. Presbyopia is a common eye condition in middle age.

This procedure itself takes around 20 to 30 minutes although you will be there for longer to take into account pre-surgery preparation and recovery.

A protective eye shield (similar to an eye patch) is placed over your treated eye. You will spend a few hours recovering at the clinic before going home. Arrange for someone to drive you home.

The surgeon will usually operate on one eye to start with. If there are no complications then he/she will arrange to operate on your other eye at a later date.

IOL Eye Surgery Guide:

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