What does recovery from an Intra-Ocular Lens involve?

This starts with a few hours rest at the clinic before going home. You will be given antibiotic eye drops which will help to safeguard you against infection. You will be given advice on how and when to use these.

You will be wearing a special eye patch (bandage) which must be worn for 24 hours following surgery.

There are a series of aftercare visits which are designed to check on your progress. The first one will take place the next day and the others will be spaced out over a period of a few months. These are a vital part of the treatment process and are designed for your benefit so please attend them.

The first week after surgery, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes against direct sunlight. Avoid any strenuous activities and sports (e.g. weightlifting) and cover your eye when washing or taking a shower.

You will be given a set of instructions at the clinic on what to do during the recovery period. These will include advice on when to return to work, when to resuming driving etc.

If you notice anything untoward during this time then contact your surgeon.

IOL Eye Surgery Guide:

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