What are the benefits LASEK laser eye surgery?

Like all forms of laser eye treatment you will notice an improvement in the focusing power of your eyes after LASEK. Your vision will be perfect (or near to) and this can mean no more glasses or contact lenses.

That is cited as the biggest benefit by the vast majority of patients after LASEK treatment.

If you are short-sighted then you will be able to see objects at a distance: if you are long-sighted then this means seeing objects close to. In both cases, objects will appear crisp and in focus.

So, no more glasses or contact lenses? Yes, but if you are in your forties or fifties then you will find that your eyesight changes as a result of the ageing process. The muscles of the eye do tend to harden and this becomes apparent when trying to read.

At present, research shows that the effects of LASEK are permanent but further surgery may be required for older patients.

LASEK Surgery Guide:

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