What is the LASEK laser eye surgery procedure?

First of all you will be given local anaesthetic drops which will help to numb your eye.

The surgeon will then use a small cutting tool called a trephine to make a tiny incision in the outer layer of your cornea. He/she will then place a small cone over this layer (epithelium) into which he or she will pour an alcohol based solution.

This solution helps to dissolve some of the cells of this layer. This solution is left in the eye for around 30 seconds or so which helps to loosen the edges of the epithelium.

The surgeon will then lift an edge of the epithelium and peel it back. This reveals the inner layer of the cornea or the ‘stroma’. He/she will then use an excimer laser to correct the eye defect.

Once this is done the surgeon will then fold back the epithelium and apply a contact lens over the surface. Antibiotic eye drops are administered and a special plastic shield (similar to an eye patch) is placed over the eye.

LASEK Surgery Guide:

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