What are the risks of RK?

RK is a safe procedure but like any form of eye surgery, is not risk free. Things can go wrong although they are rare.

Complications of RK include:

  • Over-correction: this procedure can cause mild long-sightedness.
  • Under correction: this procedure cannot completely remove short-sightedness.
  • Unpredictable results: difficult to predict the outcome and this can change over time.
  • Glare: more of a problem with night vision
  • Halos: same as above.
  • Starbursts: same as above.
  • Irregular form of astigmatism: can result in double or ‘ghost’ vision.
  • Glaucoma: an eye disease which affects the optic nerve.
  • Visual aids are still required: the patient may still need to wear glasses after surgery for either close or distance vision.
  • Punctured, ruptured or infected cornea: these can happen straight after surgery or even 3 years later.

Plus, further surgery may be required at some time in the future due to a weakening of the cornea. This also includes cataract surgery.

RK Eye Surgery Guide:

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