Who should consider RK?

If you are aged 21 and over, in good health and have sensible expectations about this surgery then RK is an option.

Other factors which determine suitability include:

  • Mild or moderate level of myopia (short-sight)
  • A stable prescription (has not changed for the last 2 years)

What could exclude you from RK are: any underlying medical conditions which include poor wound healing; disease or abnormality of the corneas; severe myopia or myopia which appears to be worsening over time.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding or take part in sports then RK is not advisable.

Just like most types of eye surgery, there are certain medical conditions and eye conditions that will hinder you from going through with RK. Here are some of the unsuitable traits for an RK candidate:

  • any disease that will affect the healing of the wound
  • nearsightedness is not stable and is even getting worse
  • abnormal corneas
  • teenagers with unstable prescriptions
  • pathological myopia or when the eyeball does not grow anymore at a young age
  • degenerative changes that are caused by severe nearsightedness like retinal tears
    diseased corneas


RK Eye Surgery Guide:

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