Q8. How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

A8. Prices vary between clinics: they also depend upon the size of your tattoo, the number of colours used and how deeply embedded it is in the skin.

The more sessions you require the more expensive it will be.

You may require a ‘test patch’ which is basically, a test to see how your skin responds to the laser treatment. There will be a fee for this and the initial consultation.

Prices are calculated per single session. So as a rough guide you may pay £70 (or more) for the initial consultation, £50 (or more) for the test patch and £80 (or more) for a single treatment session.

Some clinics offer a ‘package’ in which you pay for a set number of sessions. For example £300 for 4 treatment sessions.

If you are looking for a clinic online then you will find that not every clinic displays its prices on its website. Contact several of them to ask for a quote.

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