What is the best way of cleaning my dentures?

Many of us are familiar with the pair of dentures soaking in glass of water and this is still the best way of cleaning them.

Keeping your dentures clean is important and will ensure that they last for a long time. Remove them at night as this will give your gums a chance to ‘rest’ before brushing them. You can use a normal toothbrush for this.

Then soak them in a glass of water. Add denture cleaning tablets, such as Steradent to this water which will help to clean them.

Rinse them out the next day and brush them before you replace them in your mouth. This process is similar to any oral hygiene routine in that the aim is to remove any food particles that have become lodged underneath the denture.

If, in spite of this routine you find that your dentures show signs of staining then you will need a professional clean. Your dentist or a dental hygienist will be able to perform this and restore your dentures to a pristine condition.

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