Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures

The Valplast flexible partial denture is an exciting newcomer to the denture field. It is ideal for those patients who have lost several but not all their teeth and require a partial denture.

A conventional partial denture consists of an acrylic plate that fits over the soft palate of your mouth, which has a number of false teeth mounted on it. Metal clips help to secure it in place.

There are two types of partial denture:

  • Fixed
  • Removable

The Valplast flexible denture differs from these in that the plate is made from a flexible, plastic material which fits neatly into your mouth and is virtually invisible. And, it doesn’t require any metal clips to keep in place.

This type of denture is very light, durable and comes in a range of 4 colours which are designed to match your own gum tissue. It is hypo-allergenic and blends in well with the natural movement of your mouth. So, no worries about slipping or moving around and irritating your mouth!

If you were considering having a dental bridge or dental implants then you will find that this flexible denture can cost less than half the price of these. The cost is always an important part of any dental treatment and the fact that this is cheaper may make it more attractive.

The Valplast denture does cost more than the traditional partial denture (complete with metal clips) but it can be produced very quickly and blends in well with your mouth. It is an aesthetically pleasing type of denture.

How is it cleaned?

You clean this denture in much the same way as you would do for any other type of denture. Try the following routine:

  • Remove it from your mouth and leave it to soak for 15 minutes each day or overnight for 3 days a week.
  • Use a denture cleaner or rinse away any food debris by placing the denture underneath running water. Do not use a toothbrush to do this as you could damage the surface.

Note: be careful as to what type of denture cleaner you use. Some cleaners may damage the surface of your Valplast denture so check with your dentist first.

  • It’s a good idea to rinse your Valplast denture after every meal. This will ensure that you remove any food particles and maintain the condition of your teeth.
  • Remember to take out your Valplast denture before brushing your teeth.
  • Leave your Valplast denture to soak in water when you are not wearing it. This will keep it hydrated and will preserve its longevity.

The Valplast denture may look rather fragile but it is stronger than you think! It is made from a strong yet flexible material and if dropped on the floor, will not fracture or break. But, it is stronger than the false teeth mounted onto it. If you do drop it then you may find that the base stays in one piece but the teeth will break!

How long does it last?

This type of denture can last for around 15 years or more. If you follow the cleaning routine as mentioned above, and have regular check ups then this will ensure that it has a healthy lifespan.

If you are not suitable for this denture or require a full size set then learn more in our Dentures section.

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