Denture Fixatives

A denture fixative acts as an aid to dentures in that it helps to secure them in place. Dentures work very well and behave like natural teeth but they are not perfect.

They don’t quite have the full strength and bite of your normal teeth and may require a bit of help in that direction. A dental fixative can help to fix them in place which is reassuring for many people.

A great many people wear dentures but worry about them slipping, shifting out of place or becoming loose. The problem then is if they do become loose then they can rub against your mouth which causes an irritation. If they don’t fit well or move when they shouldn’t then this can cause a great deal of discomfort and frustration!

Who can use a denture fixative?

Anyone can use a fixative whether they have been wearing dentures for a long time or are new to them. If you feel that you could do with a bit of extra support then a fixative can help.

How do they work?

A fixative is a type of paste which works by combining itself with the saliva in your mouth. This causes it to act like glue which sticks the denture firmly to your mouth and prevents any slippage. It is especially useful if enjoy hard, crunchy foods like apples or carrots!

If you enjoy sports or other physical activities then you may worry about your denture becoming loose or even falling out! Swimming poses a new set of problems in that it can interfere with the natural suction in your mouth and loosen your dentures.

However, if you use a fixative then you can rest assured that they will stay firmly in place.

The fixative can also prevent any food particles getting stuck underneath your denture as it forms a barrier between them and your gums.

And, it also stops any friction between your dentures and gums which can lead to soreness and inflammation.

How do you use a fixative?

Start with giving your dentures a good old clean using a special cleaning solution. Rinse them off under running water and dry them carefully. A fixative can look like a tube of glue and you use it in the same way: squeeze the tube and apply small amounts only to your denture. Try to avoid it oozing out of your denture.

Rinse out your mouth with cold water and then replace your denture. You will find that it will hold your denture in an instant.

Hold your dentures in place for a few minutes and wait for a period of time before eating or drinking anything.

Brush your dentures in warm water to remove any excess fixative.

Other alternatives include a dental adhesive or dental implants.

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