A Pregnant Mother’s Developing Body

The week by week development of your baby inside your body during pregnancy is an amazing experience. Many women can notice their baby bump from around 14 weeks of pregnancy and sometimes you can show your pregnancy even earlier, depending on how many babies you are carrying and your starting weight. Some women feel apprehensive about gaining weight during pregnancy, due to the difference it can have on their appearance. It is however important to remember that weight gain during pregnancy is normal and you will inevitably be put on weight.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

It is important to remember that you must put weight on during pregnancy, as this in actuality signifies the healthy development of your baby. Expectant mothers who are under weight prior to pregnancy would need to put on at least 25-35 pounds. Pregnant mothers who are considered to have a high BMI, which means that they are clinically obese, still need to put on at least 11 pounds for their growing baby. This highlights the importance of weight gain during pregnancy and the fact that it is to developing a healthy baby. Mothers who are expecting more than one baby may need to put on more weight, although this depends on each mother’s individual circumstances.

The Benefits of Gaining Weight during Pregnancy

Healthy weight gain during pregnancy signifies good nutrition and also helps in developing your baby’s vital senses and body weight. Your recommended weight gain will aid in giving your baby the nutrients that he or she may need to be ready for the outside world. Women who have poor nutrition during pregnancy normally end up with low weight babies who require additional hospital attention.

Pregnant women who follow a healthy balanced diet are more likely to have healthier babies of sound birth weight, in comparison to women who deprive themselves of food in an attempt to look slim during pregnancy. It is important to remember that this weight gain is temporary and there are things you can do to lose weight after birth if you are anxious about your weight.

Weight gain during pregnancy reduces the risk of neonatal problems with your baby, as many neonatal deaths have resulted from low birth weights. It is therefore best to try and maintain a healthy balanced diet but at the same time eat a varied range of foods suitable to eat during pregnancy.

Developing Body:

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