Pregnancy Predicaments

Pregnancy can leave you with many worries and anxieties but quite often these can be resolved through communication and advice from family and friends. It may be that you are stressed out about naming your child or you could be dealing with an interfering friend. Whatever your pregnancy dilemma is help is always at hand. It is important to try and not get overly stressed during your pregnancy as it can affect your health and blood pressure. This article aims to assist in reassuring you that you are not alone when it comes to pregnancy predicaments.

Common Pregnancy Dilemmas

I’m worried that I won’t love my second child as much as my first

Many pregnant women expecting their second child worry about how to share their love and attention amongst two children. It is natural to feel this way as you have nurtured and devoted all your time and attention to your first child and now the attention is on your second baby. Although you may feel that you do not know how to deal with loving two children this will not be the case once you have your baby. You will automatically feel a bond to your second baby, and your first child will still be loved the same way. You may even realise that your love can be spread to many children, not just two. Prepare your first child for the new addition and she or he may even enjoy the prospect of a new baby brother or sister.

Everyone is taking over

You may have gone baby shopping and set your sights on the perfect cot only to have your dreams tarnished by a friend or family member who doesn’t think it’s suitable. Stop for a minute, this is your baby and although friends and family’s advice are welcome you have to make the final decision. The important thing is that you are happy with the decisions that you make. If you feel that a family member or friend is taking over it is best to tell them politely that you appreciate their advice but that you rather follow your own instincts. Remember that most of the time your loved ones want the best for you and like to participate in the pregnancy with you. Try to assign something for them to do like organising a baby shower to make them feel included.

I am heavily pregnant and just can’t get to sleep

During the final stages of pregnancy your body has reached its maximum birth weight and it may be increasingly difficult to find the best position to sleep. Many heavily pregnant women are accustomed to tossing and turning and having sleepless nights due to being uncomfortable. Light exercises such as walking for about 15 minutes around the block may aid in making you tired enough to fall asleep naturally at night. There are many pregnancy pillows on the market which cater to make bedtime more comfortable.

I’m worried about my financial situation after pregnancy

Many pregnant women are worried about the costs during pregnancy for baby equipment and other baby related items. In the UK, pregnant mothers on lower incomes can apply for a pregnancy grant which helps them to cover the costs of pregnancy. Many mothers decide to buy second hand items rather than brand new ones to cut down costs. The important thing is not to worry too much about everything being brand new as the main thing is having a healthy baby.

I’m scared about the labour

Most women fear labour especially if it is the first time that you are expecting and do not know what to expect. However, labour is the real climax of the pregnancy and is the final moment where you can finally meet your baby. Your motivation through labour will be further heightened when you realise that your baby will soon be in your arms. Modern technology allows for many methods of pain relief during labour which can assist you in controlling the pain. Just remember that many women go through labour and have got through just fine.

I’m scared of Miscarriage

Every pregnant mother who has successfully conceived is scared of miscarriage at some point of their pregnancy. The risks of miscarriage drop after the first 8 weeks of pregnancy and the rate of miscarriage is further reduced as the pregnancy progresses. Most women are considered ‘safe’ after 12 weeks of pregnancy and that is the reason why some women choose to wait until they are 12 weeks to announce their pregnancy to others. Try not to worry about possible miscarriage and focus on your growing baby and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. You can discuss any fears and anxieties with your doctor or midwife who will be able to advise you according to your personal circumstances.

Who can I see if I have a serious pregnancy concern?

There are many medical professionals and members of staff that can assist you with serious pregnancy concerns such as domestic violence. If you are experiencing serious problems such as mental or physical abuse then it is best to discuss this with your doctor or midwife. Your doctor or midwife can put you in touch with necessary professionals who can help you with your domestic problems during pregnancy.

Here is a list of people you can see if you have serious pregnancy worries that are consequently affecting your pregnancy:

  • Doctor
  • Midwife
  • Help group
  • Police (for serious incidents)
  • Family
  • Friends

All the people listed above can help you if you have a serious pregnancy emergency or problem which needs to be resolved to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy.

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