Tanning and Pregnancy

Even pregnant mothers want a sun-kissed attractive look and to enjoy walking in the warm rays, receiving sunlight for necessary vitamin D. And although a warm glow, exercise and vitamins are good, moderation and care needs to be taken when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. What must also be remembered is that harmful sun rays can penetrate on cloudy, foggy days, and even when driving in a convertible car too.

When thinking of tanning and pregnancy, some of us may picture a pregnant woman lying on a beach towel amid green lawns or white sands, absorbing in the natural rays of the sun. Others may think of tanning salons with tanning beds, booths or spray tans where women opt for sunless tanning. Depending on culture, use of henna may come to mind.

What may be given less thought of, other than the tanning process itself, is the impact of “preparatory” practices to tan, such as use of insect repellents, removal of hair, consumption of liquids, and skin protection. While tanning impacts pregnancy, so do the tanning “preparatory” practices. The following guide will give insight into tanning and pregnancy for those expectant mothers who want to keep up the tanned look during their expecting period.

Tanning and Pregnancy:

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