Piercing and Pregnancy

Body piercings are holes made in a part of the body with a needle or piercing gun so that jewellery can be placed through the hole to for personal expression or for beauty purposes. Piercings represent expression of unique identity and women all over the world choose to pierce anywhere from their ears, eyelids, noses, tongue, lips, nipples through their belly button down to their clitoris.

Whether it's an existing piercing or idea yet to be pierced, women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, have some considerations to make for maintaining the piercing, and for healthy wellbeing. The NHS reports that out of all piercings in young people over the age of sixteen, a quarter has complications requiring medical attention. These complications can have severe consequences on a pregnancy because piercings are as invasive as surgical procedures.

The following guide sets out to help answer your queries about piercing and pregnancy.

Sleeping during Pregnancy:

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