What to tell the piercer if pregnant

A pregnant woman should notify a piercer of her conception. Not to do so, and likewise for the piercer not to ask about pregnancy, carries health and legal implications. The Association of Professional Piercers advises against piercing while pregnant, therefore pregnant women and also piercers have a responsibility to act appropriately and morally under the circumstances.

However, there may be situations where a woman is unaware that she is pregnant when having a piercing done, or falls pregnant not long after having a piercing. Precautions should be taken to prevent this occurring due to long healing time scales for certain types of piercings like to the nose, naval and genital area.

Advice should be sought from a medical professional and professional piercer about maintaining the piercing hole to prevent infection. Changes should be discussed immediately and alternate bio-friendly or safe jewellery material should be considered to replace metallic that may be more harmful.

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