Piercing products for pregnancy

Piercing products have become much more maternity friendly since more pregnant women with piercings have discussed their needs. Some of these products include medical-grade navel barbells that are flexible and non-metallic. While this jewellery tends to focus on navel items and also piercing retainers, the risk of infection to the piercing site and the aftercare of the hole containing the jewellery is still debatable during pregnancy.

These products can be bought over the Internet and often come with a disclaimer such as: “Disclaimer: I cannot take responsibility for any infections that may arise due to improper care and safety of inserting body jewellery. This is a temporary piece of body jewellery for use while pregnant. Use at your own risk.”

As easy as a metallic ring can get hooked and pulled, so can a flexible one. And if inserted through the nipple, these bendable piercing products may carry a higher risk of resulting in choking during breast feeding. When wearing any piercing jewellery during pregnancy, it is best to discuss the jewellery with a medical professional for advice.

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